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Once you receive your customized marketing action plan, you can implement it yourself, hire us to implement it for you, or even take it to someone else.

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Marketing Action Plan$0

Your Plan Includes:

Total Online Presence Audit - so you can know where you stand and feel informed about your starting point. 

Competitor Analysis - so you can know how you compare to your clients’ alternatives and find opportunities to stand out.

Client Survey - so you can learn what your clients like and dislike about working with you and improve client experiences.

Ideal Client Persona - so you can be sure you’re talking to your dream clients with your marketing messaging.

Core Message - so you can confidently tell potential customers what you stand for and offer.

Customer Journey - so you can provide a complete customer experience with no gaps. 

Strategy Overview - so you can get to the next level in your business with confidence about what to do next.

Content Marketing Plan - so you can create an effective content schedule without feeling stressed or overwhelmed and move towards your desired outcome.

We'll have a kickoff call at the beginning of the engagement so you know exactly what we need from you to get started creating your roadmap. You'll spend less than an hour gathering this info. 

During the Midpoint review call, we will go over the Total Online Presence Audit, Competitor Analysis, Client Interviews, Ideal Client Persona, and Core Message that we've created for you so you have an opportunity to give us your feedback. We will absolutely tweak them if needed.

Lastly, we will have a final review call to go over the Customer Journey, Strategy Overview and Content Marketing Plan so you have an opportunity to give us your feedback.
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